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How It Works

Follow Our Three-Step Process

With our hiab truck we are able to cater to all types of deliveries with minimal disruption to your site. We can even load up to visit your site out in Raglan with at least two deliveries planned a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays). With an additional two flat deck tip trucks as well as a flat deck ute, we can cater for any and all of your delivery needs at a great rate!

  • 1

    Prepare a list

    Prepare a list of materials you require.

  • 2

    Place order

    Contact us to arrange your preferred delivery date.

  • 3

    Receive Delivery

    To ensure the safety of your delivery, please ensure someone is on site.

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Delivery Trucks


Come and see us or give us a call to work out the correct truck for you.


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Tip trucks

view equipment

Flat deck ute

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Drop Off

Either request a site visit to help in making orders
or give us a call

Call us now! 0800 226 664 contact us

Pick Up

For any materials you wish to pick up,
we offer courtesy trailers

Call us now! 0800 226 664 CONTACT US

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we go the extra mile

Our sales reps will pop in to your site to have a chat about your new project. Just request a visit to be contacted.